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Troy Law, based in Flushing, NY, represents Plaintiffs (employees and consumers) exclusively in wage-and-hour employment litigation and consumer fraud cases, respectively, in addition to providing the community with auxiliary services.

A former employee states on, "Troy Law is one legal sweatshop."


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Former Intern - Intern says

"Compensation was $15 PER DAY. Total exploitation of desperate young attorneys, looking to find a job. The irony, of course, is that John Troy practices employment law and advocates for the rights of employees who get paid below minimum wage."

Former Intern - Internship says

"John Troy has a badddddddd temper! He never respects intern Poor work environment always work overtime"

Former Intern - Intern says

"1. The law office treats Troy as GOD. " Mr. Troy is always right." It is so crazy that we cannot exercise your civil basic right - Freedom of Speech 2. Everyone in office is scared of him. He is very hot temper and willing to scream at you whenever he wants. He even used bad languages to his employees. That is so unacceptable 3. Troy has very limited language skill. If you do not speak Chinese, you are out of luck to understand him. 4. You have to take ton of cases and have no weekend. He said working on weekend is optional but he gave you ton of cases that requires you must work on weekend. 5. At the end of internship, you will be paid a small amount that compensates for lunch and transportation. He never takes you out for dinner/lunch. 6. This office hires any interns that need job. Please do not go there unless you have any other options"

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Staffs, associates and interns are easy-going because anyone who has a less than good temper will not be able to bear the partner, Mr Troy. He would scream and swear at anyone in the office for the most tiny mistake/misunderstanding. The atmosphere becomes intense and stressful once he steps in the office. He also intentionally enhances the stress in the office by stressing the firm's first principle "Mr Troy is always right," and by showing everyone the quote from Bloomberg "Don’t ever take a lunch break or go to the bathroom, you keep working...You don’t ever know when that opportunity is going to come along.” He printed the quote and put it in a binder to be shown to interns. Basically any law school student could obtain an internship at the firm. The firm somehow managed to get into the career database of every top law school. They asked you to come down to their office in NY for an interview, but barely asked you any questions during the interview. While every law student understands that the hours of law firms could be horrible, the hour (9:30-6) stated in the firm's ads is simply not true: you need to work at the office for as long as you can to finish the cases you are assigned - which basically means working late every weekday and coming to the office on weekends, because everyone's caseload is overwhelming. Besides the substantive work you encounter, you also need to take care of all kinds of non-legal related issues because the office does not have enough paralegals. This kind of repetitive, non-billable also takes up a large amount of your time every day. I do not find the partner's horrible English skill particularly troublesome because most of the clients he has speak Mandarin. Nevertheless, it could be very difficult to communicate with him effectively regarding legal issues because of his limited language skills. They were also very unfriendly to interns who need to do interviews or participate in other employment-related events, even though they did not interfere with the firm's work. This is particularly concerning to the interns because return offers are very rare at the firm after the 3-month internship ends. The firm lives on free labor by interns."

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"1. The firm asks everyone treats Mr. Troy as an incredibly brilliant God. The most important guideline is "Mr. Troy is always right." The firm is serious about this rule. Please be prepared of this guideline if you accept this position. 2.Due to the guideline, Mr. Troy can do whatever he wants, including yelling at employees. 3. Mr. Troy can barely speak English. It is ironic that he practices litigation in NY. 4.The firm requires employees to install "Line" and "wechat" which is annoying. Mr. Troy controls employees by Line. He texts employees in the early morning, after work and even weekends. 5. The firm will not pay you until you finished the three-month internship. However, the payment is a compensation for meals and transportation which is not enough for the single month rent or other living expenses. 6. The firm asks interns who had work there for more than a month to teach new interns. You can seek help for Mr. Troy as long as there is no one can teach you. 7. The firm let interns take care of cases. I heard some interns in charge of more than 30 cases at the same time. 8. The case management system is unfriendly. Mr. Troy seems obsessed with the system. For me, there is nothing good in this place. Please be prepared before you take this job."

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Pay only for meals, work place building bathroom has issue with supplying toilet papers, need i say more?"

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Toxic work environment, expected to treat the boss like a god who can do no wrong, will hear lots of screaming and swearing at most of the employees in the office."


"This is one legal sweatshop"


"Micromanagement Unfriendly case database Doesn't pay interns until the end of the internship"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not at all related to accountant position. I just recorded data in the excel and did some calculations"